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Water Features for Lakeshore

Above The Rest takes pride in offering high quality swimming pool installations and well designed water features to residents of Lakeshore. We balance good design with easy to maintain water features, giving your landscape a unique twist. Let our beautiful water features bring peace and tranquility to your outdoor space.

Water feature improvements

Let the installation of a unique water feature bring many advantages to your outdoor area in Lakeshore. A water feature adds an element of serenity to your outdoor space, providing a calming source of moisture for the air while adding visual interest to your landscape. Let the sound of water running over your water feature mask annoying and distracting noises such as traffic, creating a soothing atmosphere.

Soothing bubbling rocks and urns

A bubbling rock or urn is an affordable and flexible way to add a water feature to your landscape. Bubbling rocks and urns have the benefit of transforming any space, both small and large, and are easily customizable. Multiple bubbling rocks and urns can be clustered together to create a dramatic effect. We even have the ability to transform an existing rock in your landscape into a custom water feature.

Relaxing basalt water fountains

Easily customizable, unique, and low maintenance, a basalt water fountain is a great water feature addition to your Lakeshore property. Increase the value of your property and experience the calming benefits of a basalt water fountain, no matter the size of your outdoor space. With your basalt water fountain, you get a beautiful water feature that is convenient and easy to maintain, that can even be installed with an automatic fill valve.

Pond-less waterfalls for any space

With over 10 years experience installing swimming pools, we’ve become experts in water features, especially with pond-less waterfalls. We design our pond-less waterfalls so that they are low-maintenance and easy to keep running while adding a unique feature to your landscape. Allow yourself the enjoyment of a water feature without the complicated installation and work a full sized pond requires with an expertly installed pond-less waterfall.

Begin your professionally installed water feature project on your Lakeshore property today by contacting our knowledgeable staff.

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