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Swimming Pool Installers for Windsor-Essex

With two decades of experience in installing swimming pools, Above The Rest is your first stop for your above ground swimming pool installation in Windsor-Essex. We offer only the highest quality above ground swimming pool products, able to be installed in-ground, letting you enjoy the benefits of an in-ground pool, without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Round and oval swimming pools in Windsor-Essex

We are experts in installing oval and round swimming pools in the Windsor-Essex area. Your swimming pool installation will remain durable for years to come. Choosing the right shape is key and it is important to know the benefits of oval and round swimming pool installations.

Advantages of Round Swimming Pools

Choosing a round swimming pool means you will get a large swimming area at a more affordable price as well as a stronger structural integrity due to the pressure being applied more evenly to the pool walls. Liner replacements are usually less expensive in round swimming pools as well, and they remain easier to clean as the current and circulation of the water leads to fewer ‘dead spots’.

The Pros of Oval Swimming Pools

Though oval swimming pools are priced a little higher than round swimming pools, they may be your ideal choice when you face obstacles in your outside space, whether from fences, buildings or trees.

If you are working with limited space and are unable to install a larger round pool for swimming laps, an oval pool can give you a more appropriate set up in your yard. Our Windsor-Essex pool installers are experienced in reviewing your outdoor space to ensure you are getting the ideal value from your freshly installed pool.

Detailed Swimming Pool Installations

Every swimming pool installation is unique, due to grade differences in available ground, the size of the swimming pool, and the accessories needed to main the pool. We are your only stop for swimming pool installations, as our Windsor-Essex pool installation team assesses your space and takes care of all your needs. No need to deal with the hassle and expense of hiring separate construction, landscaping, and expensive tree removal companies.

If you would like your above ground swimming pool professionally installed and are in the Windsor-Essex area, give us a call today to speak to our helpful staff.

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