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Swimming Pool Installers for Lakeshore

Since 1996, Above The Rest has been installing swimming pools within the Lakeshore area. We are proud to only offer the highly quality durable above ground swimming pool products that are versatile and durable. Our above ground swimming pools can be installed in-ground as well, giving you the in-ground feel without the large price tag attached.

Oval and round swimming pool installations in Lakeshore

Our main focus is on installations of oval and round swimming pools in the Lakeshore area and our pools are durable and able to stand the test of time. Before choosing your swimming pool shape, it is key to learn the benefits of both round, and oval swimming pool installations:

The Benefits of a Round Swimming Pool

By selecting a round swimming you, you will get a large swimming area and a lower cost as well as a swimming pool with a higher structural integrity due to the even application of pressure to the pool walls. Also, round swimming pools are easier to clean as the current and circulation of the water leads to fewer ‘dead spots’ and their liner replacement costs are typically lower.

Accommodating Oval Swimming Pools

Choosing an oval swimming pool means starting at a slightly higher price point than a round swimming pool, though it may be a more ideal choice if you face restrictions in your outdoor area, whether from fences, buildings or trees.

An oval swimming pool can be ideal if you are working within a restricted area that’s unable to accommodate a large round pool and you would like to swim bigger laps. Let our experienced Lakeshore pool installers work closely with you, ensuring you are selecting the ideal swimming pool for your needs and outdoor area.

Unique Swimming Pool Installations

Our Lakeshore pool installation team understands that every swimming pool installation is unique, depending on the size of the pool, grade difference in your outdoor space, and landscaping obstacles. We can review your location and address all of your needs, ensuring your swimming pool is properly installed. Let us assess your swimming pool installation area and take care of the obstacles, allowing you to skip hiring separate construction, landscape, and pricey tree removal companies.

If you want a professional swimming pool installation completed in your Lakeshore yard, contact us today and our helpful staff will get you started.

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