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On-Ground Pools Leamington

Providing high-quality on-ground pools to Leamington and surrounding areas, at Above the Rest we take great pride in installing beautiful and long-lasting on-ground pools. With the ability to be installed above ground, our on-ground pools allow you to enjoy the experience of an in-ground pool while saving you money.

As local oval and round on-ground pool experts in Leamington, we install long-lasting and durable above ground pools that sit on the ground.

Well Executed On-Ground Pool Installations

From your desired pool style and size, to the grade difference of your chosen ground, when it comes to on-ground pool installations there are a multitude of variables to consider. You don’t have to worry, as we have a team of expert on-ground pools installers that can take on every detail of your on-ground pool installation, including landscaping, decking, and tree removal to ensure your on-ground pool is properly installed.

Before you select your on-ground pool style, it is key to review all the pros and cons of both round and oval swimming pools:

Well Priced Round On-Ground Pools

A round on-ground pool is able to give you a larger swimming area with a lower installation cost and lower liner replacement cost. A round on-ground pool installation also offers the benefits of higher structural integrity, as water pressure is applied evenly to the pool walls and they also easier to maintain, as the current and circulation leads to less swimming pool ‘dead spots’.

Adjustable Oval On-Ground Pools

Though an oval on-ground pool installation means starting at a slightly higher price point, it gives you more flexibility if your outdoor area is restricted from fences, buildings, or trees.

If you are dealing with limited outdoor space and are unable to install a larger round on-ground pool, you can find the ideal choice for lap swimming with an oval on-ground pool. Let our Leamington on-ground pool installers fully review your landscape to help you discover the ideal on-ground pool for your needs and budget.

If your property is in the Leamington area and you want a professional on-ground pool installation, connect with our team today.

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