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On-Ground Pools Lambeth

Serving Lambeth and surrounding areas, at Above the Rest, we proudly provide high-quality on-ground pools and emphasize the installation of durable and beautiful on-ground pools. Our on-ground pools can give you the experience of an in-ground pool, as they can be installed above ground to help save you money.

We are your local Lambeth experts in installing oval and round on-ground pools, giving you access to long-lasting and durable above ground pools that sit on the ground.

In-Depth On-Ground Pool Installations

From the grade difference of your available ground, to your selected style and size of pool, onground-pool installations come with a variety of situations to consider. Handling everything from landscaping to tree removal, our expert team of on-ground pool installers take care of every small detail to ensure that all of your needs are being addressed so that your on-ground pool is installed promptly and professionally.

There are many benefits of both round and oval swimming pools and it is important to review each on-ground pool style before making your selection:

Sturdy Round On-Ground Pools

Round on-ground swimming pools give you a larger swimming area at a lower price point and provide faster pool cleaning with fewer ‘dead spots’ in the current and water circulation. Typically, round on-ground pools start with a lower replacement liner cost and offer higher structural integrity.

Maximized Oval On-Ground Pools

When your landscaping faces roadblocks such as power lines, fences, buildings, or trees, though oval on-ground pools start at a higher price point, they can be the most versatile option for you.

If your Lambeth location is unable to accommodate a large round pool, an oval on-ground pool can be ideal, especially if you would like to swim longer laps. Our advanced on-ground pool installers can work with you, helping determine the ideal on-ground pool shape for your needs and your space.

If you live in the Lambeth area and are seeking the installation of a high-quality on-ground pool, contact us today.

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