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Hot Tubs Windsor

We are here to help you create a beautiful backyard oasis at your Windsor home by providing professional hot tub sales and installations throughout Windsor, Ontario with quality hot tubs by Equinox. Hot tubs from Equinox are protected with an outstanding warranty and are well known for giving you an elegant and long-lasting hot tub that gives you a premium spa look and feel directly in your own backyard.

Your family will love the gift of a hot tub. Located in the Windsor, Ontario area, Above The Rest wants to take care of every aspect of your hot tub sale, ensuring your hot tub is provisioned for and installed properly.

Luxurious & Relaxing Hot Tub Styles

Our Windsor customers always speak highly of our hot tub installations! You can enjoy your luxurious Equinox hot tub all year round and experience the sounds of the Equinox waterfall and multi coloured spa lights. The Equinox hot tub comes in 4 different models that can be customized with three acrylic colours and three cabinet colours, along with your choice of perimeter lighting and built-in waterfall features. Take a look at the Equinox hot tub models that we are able to provide on our Hot Tubs page.

Warm Up To Winter

It can be warm and comforting being indoors during the cold winter months, although it is easy to grow bored and experience cabin fever while trapped in your Windsor home. A Hot Tub is a great reason to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors – especially when you have your own winter wonderland right in your backyard! See how much you can benefit from being outside regularly without experiencing the negative side effects of the cold.

Weigh Your Hot Tub Needs Today

If you have been searching for a quality hot tub in the Windsor area, our professional team are ready to assist you, just call 519.809.9074 for service.

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