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Above Ground Swimming Pools Ingersoll

We have over two decades of experience providing high quality above ground pools to the Ingersoll area. We take great pride in installing only the best above ground swimming pool products that are able to be installed in-ground, saving you thousands of dollars while giving you all the benefits of an in-ground pool installation.

Our main focus remains on the installation of durable oval and round above round swimming pools in the Ingersoll area, ensuring our above ground swimming pools are strong.

Premium Above Ground Pool Installations

We understand that every above ground pool installation is different in Ingersoll and can depend on the grade difference in your available area, pool size, and selected products. Our expert above ground pool team is able to handle every aspect of your above ground pool installation, even assisting with landscaping or tree removal, to ensure a correct above ground swimming pool installation. Save your time and energy on dealing with separate construction, tree removal, and landscaping services.

We offer both round and oval above ground swimming pools and will work with you in deciding the ideal above ground swimming pool for your Ingersoll property:

Round Above Ground Swimming Pools

Choosing a round above ground swimming pool gives you a swimming pool with higher structural integrity, as the round shape allows the pressure to be more evenly applied to the pool walls. With round above ground swimming pools, you also will experience lower replacement liner costs, and fewer ‘dead spots’ within the pool, as the current and circulation flows smoother, making your pool cleaning faster and easier.

Oval Above Ground Swimming Pools

Though an oval above ground swimming pool sits at a slightly higher price point than a round above ground pool, it remains the ideal choice for outdoor spaces that have limiting factors such as power lines, trees, fences, or buildings.

Oval above ground swimming pools provide the ideal set up for lap swimming, and if you are working with limited space and aren’t able to install a large round above ground swimming pool, they can provide a larger swimming area. Our Ingersoll pool installers can assist you, completing a review of your outdoor space and helping you choose the ideal above ground swimming pool.

If you desire the installation of a premium above ground swimming pool in the Ingersoll area, be sure to contact us today.

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