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Above Ground Pools Chatham-Kent

We are ready to serve you, providing only the best above ground pool products and service! From the sale of your above ground swimming pool to complete installation services, we work hard to ensure you fully enjoy your above ground pool in Chatham-Kent.

Detailed Above Ground Pool Installations

Well-designed and constructed using premium materials, our above ground swimming pools are able to be installed to sit above ground, or you can choose to have your pool installed in-ground, depending on the look you desire.

We offer full service swimming pool installation service, helping save our Chatham-Kent customers both time and money, handling everything from construction to tree removal and landscaping, allowing you to fully enjoy your new above ground swimming pool.

Above Ground Pools – When Round Is The Right Choice

A round above ground swimming pool is a great choice for a number of reasons, as it provides a larger swimming area and has lower replacement liner costs down the line. A round swimming pool also has pressure more equally applied to the pool walls, offering higher structural integrity and even current with fewer ‘dead spots’ so you can enjoy easier and quicker swimming pool clean up.

Above Ground Pools – Discovering Versatile Oval

Oval above ground pools do have a higher price point than round above ground pools, however they provide a more versatile option when you are dealing with restrictions such as power lines, fences, or trees. If your space is limited and you can’t install a larger round above ground swimming pool, an oval above ground swimming pool gives you a larger swimming area ideal for swimming laps with fewer restrictions.

We are on hand to visit your Chatham-Kent home to go over all of your needs. We are excited to work with you to install your above ground swimming pool in Chatham-Kent! Reach out today and learn more.

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